How to Self-Publish an Ebook on Google Play (In 6 Steps)

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So you have written a story or writing a book and want to know how to publish your ebook for free. There are many platforms where you can publish your ebook for free like Amazon kindle direct publishing (also called KDP), Rakuten Kobo, Barner and Nobles, Google Play Books Store, etc.

In this post, we will learn how to self-publish an ebook on google playbook story. Google Books Store is one of the most reputed and best names in getting huge exposure for your eBooks and also pay a good amount to its authors.  

So let’s get started.

How to self-publish an ebook on google play: Step by Step

1. Sign Up for a Partner Account


For Creating your Partner account search Google books partner center or click here 


Now select a self-published author cause you are not a publisher or a distributor, you are selling your own book here. But if you are selling someone else book and want to start your publishing house, then you can select the publisher option.

Here on the 2nd page, you have to fill your name, country, your website if you have one and your phone number, some info will be optional to provide so you can leave some of them if you wish.
So your account has been created, congratulations
You see it is so easy and simple, isn’t it?  

2. Fill your Financial Details

Now things are getting serious here cause this is one of the important section where you have to provide your financial details to receive your royalties by Google Play Books Store so fill everything carefully, otherwise you will have to face some problems in receiving your own payment made to you. 

3. Add a Book


Now Its time to add your book,You can see below, I have already added my own book, The Drunken Ghost in Google Play Books Store.


In your case, you will see this empty space, Click on Book Catalog and then add your first book


After clicking on Add Book you will see a page like this, 

Now If you have an ISBN for your book, then you can enter it here, but if you don’t have any then yet you don’t need to worry cause Google has its own ISBN alternative which is called GGKEY, and Google Books provide it to everyone for free.

So simply select Get a Google Book Id and google Play Books will provide you with a unique book ID for your book same as the ISBN, which they call GGKEY but it will only be used at Google services.

By the way, if you are confused by the name, ISBN then let me tell you in the simple word ISBN stands for  International Standard Book Number. It is a numeric commercial book identifier that is unique to every book. You can know more about ISBN on the web.

4. Fill in Your Ebook Info, Details and Description


About the book contains these following queries:

  • Title- Enter your book title here, but if you yet not have decided your book title than let me tell you it needs to be small, simple and unique. So take your time and coin a killer title.
  • Subtitle– Enter a sweet and simple subtitle.
  • Description– The book blurb is also one of the important parts of a book publishing process to fill because the blurb, the description is one of the first elements of a book which will attract the readers and will invite them to read the whole book so make sure you are writing an awesome book blurb.
  • And Publisher name, Date of Book first published Book Language, Page Count, Book Format, Series number if any, and Related Book-If there are other ISBN related to this book.

Choose Genre for your book:


Select relevant Genres for your book and choose many and wisely because Genres play an important role in the sales of the book. It helps books to rank and appear in Google Books search results genre categories. So choose many, but not irrelevant genres to your book.

Enter Contributors name


Enter the Contributor’s name for your book if any like your book editor’s name, the illustrators, the translators so do give them the credit and fill a short author Biography

Select Setting:

The settings contain three important options:
  • Apply DRM encryption– Select “Yes” as it will restrict anyone to download and copy your book content and use it anywhere without your consent.
  • Preview limit– Select a 20 percent Preview limit which is a minimum limit, by the way, preview helps readers to take a glimpse of your book without the need to buy it, by the way, you can make your book preview limit to 100 percent. 
  • Copy/Paste limit– You can allow readers to copy you book some or whole content. So 0 percent is recommended to restrict and misuse of your book content.
 Next in Advance setting, you will get these options:
  • Create a flowable text– Select Yes
  • Territories– Select World
  • Allow PDF download of your book- Select Yes/No as you want

5. Upload your book and cover files


 In this section you need to provide three files:

  • Your Book Front cover image (In . JPG, PNG, JPEG, PDF)
  • Your Book interior file ( In EPUB or PDF )
  • Your Book Back Cover Image (Optional)

6. Book pricing


Now set a good reasonable price for your book and here you also get the option to set different prices for every country so like you can set up USA Google Books market price at $ 2 and Indian Google Books market price at $ 0.99. So it is a good way to set up a specific price at the leading book markets places and the places where the readers are easily ready to pay a high price for your book.

Royalty paid on Google Play Books:

  • The Standard default revenue split which is paid to partners is 52%
  • But partners can also earn 70% royalty if you set your price for three countries like Australia, Canada and the USA under given below range.
  AUD $3.99-$11.99
CAD $2.99-$9.99
USD $2.99-$9.99
Read more about the revenue split here Google Books Royalty Terms
Now just smash the Publish Button.
Congratulations dear, you are an author now.
If you haven’t written any story for your book, then for getting started you can start with writing a short story, so do read my blog post on How to Write a Short Story in 9 Simple Steps and How To Write a Horror Short Story in 7 simple steps. 

How to Promote your New Book on Google Books Play Store.

 Still, 4,286 Units of my book The Drunken Ghost, Sold Out through Book Promotions.

After doing all the hard work in writing a book and putting all the efforts into publishing your book properly on every publishing platform possible now It’s time to promote your book. 

Every online eBooks publishing platform has Its own tools in promoting the books of authors.
Like Amazon KDP, which has Its KDP Select where you can run a Discount Book Price Countdown deal or a Free eBooks deal for your book for a period of 90 days and you have to give exclusive rights of your book to just available for sale on amazon kdp for the 3 months time period and you will also get paid royalties if anyone read your free eBook.
Same as in Google Books Play Store you can run a discount price campaign or you can make your book Free to buy here, but here you don’t have to give any exclusive selling rights to Google Books and there is also no limit of promotion period time like amazon kdp 3 months period but here you don’t get paid if readers read your free eBooks.
I too used book promotions for my book The Drunken Ghost and sold more than 4000 eBooks, some paid and most of them for free

Why do I recommend you to run a Free eBook deal for your book promotion?

Running a free eBooks deal works better than running a discount book price campaign as you are a new author with zero or some reviews on your brand new book and the potential readers, so even if you will run a 90 percent discount sale yet hardly the potential readers will, so any interest in spending a single cent on a new book from a brand new unknown author so initially, you have to focus on building the trust for you and your books among readers.
So when you will sell your book for free and if your story is too awesome to read, then you will earn tons of positive reviews for your brand new book which will create a trust for your book among the potential readers and it will later help you to sell your book at a reasonable price of your choice.
So right now earn your first readers and later count the millions 🙂
To run a Free eBook promotion for your book just selects zero price for your book at Price Setting Menu and here you also get an option to just make your book free for certain territories.
Good Luck and My Best Wishes for your New Book.
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