7 Best Free Novel Writing Software for Book Writers

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There was a time when people used to carry small notes, books or had a big diary to write things and stuff, and yet some practice this old hobby today, but with the change of time, people started relying on their technical devices and then came the digital diaries and electronic notebook which now we see in the shape of smartphones, tablets, iPad, laptops blah blah…

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So now probably everyone has a digital diary for their writing works which also comes with password-protected features and lets only you access your writing work anywhere and anytime. 

So now write like a pro without spending a single dime with our list of best and free novel writing software & tools for writers.

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Now here we go……to write like a pro…..

7 Free Novel Writing Software-

1. yWriter

writing a book on ywriter software

yWriter is a completely offline solution for writers who prefer working offline. Just install the software on your device and start writing. You don’t need to pay the bills on the internet to use this software because it works offline.

Specially designed for writing novels, this software is a great tool for aspiring novelists who are writing a novel for the first time. It will be great assistance in your novel or any writing work.

The user gets some great features like breaking their novel into chapters and scenes while writing and this helps to properly write all the chapters and scenes without messing up the whole novel into a big bunch of words.

You get options to add special notes and remarks for your scenes and chapters so that you can always write the best versions of every scene and chapter.

It helps you to keep track of your work while leaving your mind free to create as stated by Simons Haynes, an author, programmer, and developer of yWriter.

yWriter comes with a simple user-friendly interface that resembles Scrivener, another great writing software for novel writers, but Scrivener is a paid software and comes with a $45 one-time payment for the license fee.

Scrivener has a one-month free trial offer so If you wish, you can try both the yWriter and Scrivener and decide If you want to go with the paid or the free software for your novel writing.

Download it from here

2. Evernote:

using evernote book writing application on the desktop

One of the best and free writing tools for writers, Evernote rules over all the writing software present on the web today.

Start taking notes of any kind of writing work or use it as a writing tool, Evernote does it all perfectly.

It is so much popular among digital users that currently it has over 100 Million user base just on Android devices (data from google play store).

The best part of using this platform is its synchronization feature which lets you do and access your work on all the leading platforms.

Users can install this software on their Mac, IOS, android devices, and windows too, however, in the basic free Evernote subscription, the user can synchronize their notes and work with only two devices and can upgrade subscription any time and enjoy the unlimited device synchronization along with some other features.

So now whenever a great idea thunders on you either for your blog or novel you can easily write it down on your android or iOS devices and can easily synchronize your all writings and works on your primary devices for later work.

One of the cool features of Evernote is the user gets tons of templates for every kind of writing work which they can access from the template gallery. So either you have to plan your novel structure, schedule your all meetings, make class notes or you have to make plans for your weekends there is a template present for all most this possible in Evernote.

Download it from here

best free novel writing software for book writers

3. Hemingway

using hemingway desktop software to write a book

Another but great writing and editor tool for writers and some professional folks on the internet call it the ultimate editing tool for writers.

Named Ernest Miller Hemingway, a renowned author of the twentieth century who introduced the world with his Iceberg theory, a great writing technique that is now practiced by writers all around the world.

Hemingway writing software works best for writers who want to monitor their writing progress.

The software helps the authors by giving readability scores on their writing and points outs the sentence which is hard to read, it counts the number of adverbs, passive voice, sentences, paragraphs, and total word count.

This software improves your sentences and writing by giving important suggestions on changes you should apply to your work.

Hemingway writing software comes both as paid and free. The Hemingway free software is available on their website and the paid version comes with one-time license fees of $19.9

Download it from here

4. FocusWriter

writing a story on focuswriter software

As the name of this writing software speaks Focus writer is for writers who just want to focus on their writing and don’t want the software to judge their writing or spend time hovering over cool templates, themes, and other complex features.

Focus writer comes with a basic and simple interface with no other cool options to decorate your writing, but still, you get some features like changing the font and monitoring the word count progress of your work.

Just install the software on your Windows or Mac device and start writing your novel or short story.

You may not get the option to synchronize your work for your all devices like you to get in Evernote but on FocusWriter.

Download it from here

5. Google Docs


The trust of google comes along with this writing platform. Google docs is a great product from google for all kinds of writing works and is one of the best free tool for writers.

The best part of using google docs is its collaboration feature so you can have collaborators in writing work with whoever has access to the files. So either start collaborating with other writers and editors on any kind of writing works or synchronized your whole work and access it on any device with Google Docs.

Whether work online or offline Google Docs works perfectly in every way.

Google Docs may resemble Microsoft Words’ interface, but it has a more clean and simple look with some great features like voice typing, clear formatting, adding fonts, suggestions on errors, offline mode, etc.

But one of the best features of Google docs is its cool template gallery which contains probably all kinds of amazing templates for every kind of work like a resume, report, letter, meeting notes, newsletter, etc.

You can know more about Google Docs’ awesome features by reading 10 features of Google Docs, a thorough article on Google Docs by CNET.

Visit- Google Docs

Web-based Software (Online)-

6. Reedsy Book Editor

writing the first chapter of a book on reedsy book editor online writing tool

This free web-based book editor is provided by Reedsy, a renowned London-based book publishing and writers assistance agency that provides great resources to writers all over the word online.

Probably one of the best writing editor tools available on the web, this book editor tool comes with all the features and supports which are required to write, edit, and publish a book.

Reedsy Book Editor is one of the best free software for writers who want to write and create a complete book at the same platform without doing much hassle overlooking for software to create a complete eBook.

The whole interface of this software is very simple and user-friendly. You just need to log in to your ready book editor dashboard using any Google or Facebook account and start writing your story.

The user gets all the basic features required in creating an eBook.

From creating a table of content, chapters, copyright page, book cover uploading, adding the cover into your eBook to converting your eBook into MOBI or EPUB format (the format which is required by most of the book publishing, online eBook self-publishing, or submissions) you will find every possible feature to create an eBook on this editor.

So either write your story on the platform or just drag and drop your already completed work from anywhere and create a suitable MOBI or EPUB version of your book and you also get an option to publish your eBook directly to Blurb from this editor software.

If you are facing some problems in creating your first book and are comfortable spending some money, then Reedsy Book Editor also provides an option to hire professional editors, designers, ghostwriters, translators, marketers, and book reviewers from all over the world at an affordable and very reasonable cost.

Visit- reedsy.com

7. Draft

using draft software to write a book

Meet the cousin of FocusWriter. This application works the same as FocusWriter but with a simpler user interface. If you love simplicity, then Draft can be the perfect writing software for you.

So if you are fed up with getting distracted by the colorful buttons, menus, giant icons, glittery widgets, and all kinds of random buttons hovering all around your writing app then you will fall in love with Draft at first sight.

Draft writing software comes with one of the cleanest looking interfaces which will give you the experience of writing on a clean white paper where all the essential features will be hidden from your eyesight under a single icon.

With Draft, you can properly focus just on your writing and can write with peace of mind.

Draft is also a free web-based writing tool that can be accessed on any device online, but currently, it doesn’t have any kind of software version to install on any device.

These days, everyone loves simplicity and so the whole concept of the draft is to provide writers with a simple and clean writing tool that comes with minimal features but yet is enough to let you help write a great story. 

Visit- draftin.com

Bonus Writing Tool-


using grammarly to check spelling mistakes

The must-have application for every writing work, Grammarly is great writing assistance and an editor tool that will ease your everyday writing work like a professional editor or an English professor who will be always with you to help you write great.

Grammarly helps you by identifying and underlining all your grammar, spelling, phrases, Punctuation, and letter mistakes and suggests you the correct and better form of the word replacement or the sentence for your incorrect writings.

So whether you are writing an email for your clients, a blog post for your website, or even a book it will assist you by highlighting your mistakes and providing you with the correct replacements.

It helps us to write freely and lets us focus just on our story text rather than struggling every time to write correctly and messing up with grammatical mistakes.

Grammarly will handle all the editorial work for you. As soon as you make any mistake in your writing either grammar or spelling, Grammarly will identify it.

It also proves a label on every error which explains the mistakes and suggests the correct alternative.

Grammarly is free to use but it also has a premium plan which comes with some more features, but the basic free Grammarly application covers most of the editorial work.

Download the app or Just install the Grammarly extension on any web browser like Chrome or Firefox and it will start reading and highlighting the errors in your writing.

Where to find it: Download Grammarly for free on your Windows or Mac device from here or use it on the web from Grammarly.com

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