10 Best YouTube Channels for Creative Writers

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Wanna be a better writer, thinking of writing a book, or want to learn the basics of writing? Then there can’t be better resources than Writing blogs, books, and YouTube Channels for creative writers to learn the writing craft and kick start their writing journey like a pro.

We have brought our list of the best and the chosen ones YouTube Channels to improve your skills of writing. Follow the list for best writing tips, advice, and everyday queries for your aspiring author’s mind.

10 Best YouTube Channels for Writers

The list of best YouTube channels for writers who love learning visually.

1. Writing With Jenna Moreci

Writing With Jenna Moreci youtube channel
Jenna Moreci’s youtube channel

”Hellooo everybody! ”, writer Jenna starts her videos, greeting in her own unique style, and sometimes you may find her cute pet dog Buttercup appearing in her videos who will make you smile instantly.

Her subscribers love her hilarious way of explaining everything.

From writing tips to any queries related to the business her funny commentary on any writing-related topic will compel you to watch her every video.

She also owns a good following on Instagram too, where she entertains everyone with her awesome day-to-day post.

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2. Terrible Writing Advice

terrible writing advice youtube channel
Joseph Beaubien’s YouTube Channel

One of the most popular ”Writing Advice” YouTube channels, Terrible Writing Advice is run by Joseph Beaubien, a man from Tennessee who gives amazing and entertaining writing advice through his sarcastic, weird animated videos.

If you have got fed up with watching regularly, monotonous writing advice videos then finally you have found your peace as every video of Terrible Writing Advice is full of fun and never disappoints.

This channel covers many important topics in writing so you learn lots of great advice and writing techniques at the same place without looking anywhere else.

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3. Reedsy

reedsy youtube channel
Reedsy’s YouTube Channel

Reedsy is well known in the writing business for providing its resources to budding authors.

This growing YouTube channel is filled with more than 500 helpful videos covering many topics in writing.

They post weekly and collaborate with many bestselling authors to bring the best writing advice to their viewers.

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4. The Creative Penn

the creative penn youtube channel
Joanna Penn’s YouTube Channel

Who would not love to get writing advice from the New York Times and USA Today bestseller author?

Joanna Penn, the bestseller writer of 27 great books, runs the YouTube channel along with her popular writing blog of the same name, The Creative Penn.

Her channel hosts more than 700 videos which is enough to cover any query related to writing.

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5. SaehlinWrites

saehlinwrites youtube channel
Saehlin’s YouTube Channel

One of the youngest names among the writing influencers, Saehlin Bishop has earned a good name for her detailed and informative vlogging about writing.

At such a young age this student of creative writing is an author of 10 amazing novels.

Saehlin holds good knowledge in writing and presents the perspective of the young generation towards writing and books.

Her great talent in teaching the writing craft has made her name appear on other renowned writing YouTube channels like Reedsy where you can find her giving great writing tips.

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youtube channels for writers

6. iWriterly

iwriterly youtube channel
Meg’s YouTube Channels

Meg LaTorre had started his YT Channel in 2017 and soon, in no time she started grabbing the attention of the writing community making her one of the popular writing influencers.

Meg is a speaker, blogger, author, and former literary agent. Now she shares all the experiences that she learned as a literary agent.

She is known for providing the best informative tips on publishing so If you have any doubts or queries about publishing, you should better listen to the former literary agent, Meg.

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7. Brandon Sanderson

brandon sanderson youtube channel
Brandson’s YouTube Channel

If you love listening to long-hour lectures on a subject, then you will love the Brandon YT channel.

Brandon Sanderson is an award-winning bestselling author who also teaches creative writing courses at the Brigham Young University, Utah, and uploads all his best lectures to his YouTube channel.

As a writer of fantasy, science fiction, and thriller, his channel is filled with valuable writing tips and advice covering his area of interest.

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8. Vivien Reis

viven reis youtube channel
Vivien’s YouTube Channel

Vivien, a caring, busy mother of a daughter taking out time to bring the best writing advice for newbies every Wednesday.

She has been posting writing advice and tips since 2015 and now is one of the masters in teaching the art of writing to beginners.

Claiming herself as a young adult fantasy writer, this vlogger and writer is also an author of the novel ”The Elysian Prophecy” which is her 2018 debut novel.

Vivien also practices and talks a lot about NaNoWriMo, a popular writing community and organization which encourages you to write a 50,000-word novel in under 30 days, so do subscribe to her if you are an aspiring author in a hurry.

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8. Jerry Jenkins

jerry jenkins youtube channel
Jerry Jenkins’ YouTube Channel

Jerry B. Jenkins, the New York Times bestseller author promises to answer any writing-related queries and writing tips in under 2 minutes and this is completely true. Most of Jerry’s videos end in under a minute and a half.

Along with the YT channel, Jerry also runs a writing blog with the same name JerryJenkins.com

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9. Alexa Donne

alexa donne youtube channel
Alexa’s YouTube Channel

If you like traditional publishing then Alexa Donne’s YT channel can be the right place to learn all about it.

Alexa Donne is an experienced traditionally published YA author of three sci-fi and thriller books.

From writing tips on thriller writing, traditional publishing, and book editing to how to get a literary agent Alexa is answering your multiple writing queries at the same spot.

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10. Kristen Martin

kristen martin youtube channel
Kristen’s YouTube Channel

This bestselling indie author of YA, sci-fi and fantasy can be the most lively and entertaining writing influencer you will find on YouTube, giving advice on creative writing to lifestyle design.

The best part of watching Kristen is that along with giving great writing advice she also shares her real-life experiences which makes the subscribers feel familiar and connected to this full-time creative coach.

Kristen goes beyond writing and advice on meditation, personal growth, productivity, anxiety, lifestyle design creativity and motivates everyone in her own fun and cool way.

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