Top 10 Best Writing Blogs, Books & YouTube Channels for (Creative) Writers

Top 10 Best Writing Blogs, Books & YouTube Channels for (Creative) Writers

Wanna be a better writer, thinking of writing a book, or want to learn the basics of writing?

Then there can’t be better resources than blogs, books, and YouTube Channels for creative writers to learn the writing craft and kick start their writing journey like a pro.

Go through the blog as we have accumulated the best creative writing blogs (websites), best books on writing, and best writing-related YouTube Channels to improve your skills of better writing.

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We have brought our list of the best and chosen ones which are top in the teaching.

Follow the list for best writing tips, advice and everyday queries for your aspiring author’s mind.

Best Writing Blogs for Creative Writers

1. The Write Life

Want to learn Freelance Writing, Blogging, Marketing, Book Publishing, or Writing, The Write Life will provide you all the best answers to your concern as a writer.

Founded in 2013 by Alexis Grant, a media innovator, entrepreneur and expert in the business of content runs the blog with his brilliant team of experts who brings the best solutions for writers.

Some Quick Links From the Blog-

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Writing Children’s Book: How Magical Stories Comes to Life

2. Writer’s Digest

One of the top visiting Writing blogs on the internet, Writer’s Digest is the digital part of the popular Writer’s Digest Magazine, selling since 1920.

This trustworthy resource hosts tons of great articles on writing tips, advice, poetry, non-fiction, fiction, screenwriting, writing prompts and much more great stuff for writers.

Some Quick Links from the blog-

7 Tips for Writing Crime Fiction

Novel Writing from A to Z

A Word about Writing Princesses and Fairy Tales

3. The Write Practice

”Practice” is the main motto of ”The Write Practice” founder Joe Bunting for becoming a better writer and that’s why his blog provides great writing exercises and assignments.

The blog is also filled with hundreds of informative articles on writing tips and techniques, writing prompts and lots more for writers to offer.

Some Quick Links from the Blog-

Top 10 Book Writing Software

The Best Way to Become a Better Writer

How to Write a Book Using Microsoft Word

4. The Creative Penn

Learn the art of writing bestselling books from Joanna Penn, the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, teaching everyone the craft of writing at his blog, The Creative Penn.

This blog is best for those who want to earn a living as a writer as Joanna teaches the way of making a living writing.

The blog also offers writing tips and advice on novel writing, book publishing, marketing, writing non-fiction, etc.

Some Quick Links from the Blog-

How to Make a Living With Your Writing

7 Steps to Write Your First Novel

How to Write a Non-Fiction Book

5. Now Novel

Want to start writing a novel right ”now”, then Now Novel is waiting for you to assist with all the tools, guidance and coaches to help you start writing at a reasonable fee.

Founded by Bridget and Brendan McNulty and Dagmar Timler around 2012, the blog provides great novel writing tips and advice.

The site also offers editing, coaching and assisting services in their paid plans.

Some Quick Links from the Blog-

How to Develop a Story

How to Outline a Novel

How to Plot a Novel: 7 Tips

6. Jerry Jenkins Blog

This blog is run by Jerry B. Jenkins, a renowned American writer and author of more than 200 amazing books and stories.

Jerry Jenkins shares all his secrets of writing bestsellers at his blog.

Learn the art of writing from Jerry, the expert in the business for years.

Some Quick Links from the Blog-

How to Start a Story: 4 Proven Tips

How to Write A Novel: A 12 Step Guide

8 Types of Characters to Include in Your Story

7. The Reedsy Blog

Founded by four-man in 2014, Reedsy is like the Amazon for writers where you can get anything needed to complete your books.

From writing advice, tips, prompts, exercises, tools and writing contests, Reedsy offers a whole world of resources for writers.

Do give a read to the reedsy blog or visit their main site Reedsy if you want to hire a book cover designer, editors, marketers, book reviewers, publicists, ghost writers, etc.

Some Quick Links from the Blog-

How to Write an Ebook In 7 Simple Steps

How to Become a Better Writer: 20 Tips and Hacks

Word Counts: How Long is Novella and Short Story?

8. Self-Publishing School

As the name speaks, Self-Publishing School helps writers to self-publish their books asap.

The blog is best for those looking for advice on self-publishing as it provides great articles on self-publishing.

Along with providing writing tips and techniques the site also offers paid services to help self-publish a book smoothly.

Some Quick Links from the blog-

How to Write a Children’s Book

How to Create a Picture Book

How to Publish a Book on Amazon

9. Helping Writers Become Authors

K.M Weiland, a writer and an author helping writers become authors through her well informative guides covering every topic possible in writing.

The author has published more than a thousand articles on her blog, covering almost all the possible concerns and queries of a writer’s mind.

Some Quick Links from the Blog-

How to Outline Your Novel

Most Common Writing Mistakes

How to Structure Your Story

10. BookFox

One of the best clean and simplest looking writing blogs, BookFox was founded by John Matthew Fox, an author and writer in 2006.

Since 2006 John John has published more than 900 helpful posts for answer seekers on his blog.

Do give a read to this last but not the least writing blog helping writers to learn the craft of writing and becoming a better writer.

Some Quick Links from the blog-

How to be a Happy Writer

How to Write Children’s Book in 12 Steps

10 Career Mistakes Writers Must Avoid

These are also the blogs that you will encounter the most while searching for any answers related to writing or any writing tips or advice.

Other Writing Resources

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10 Best YouTube Channels for Writers

We have also compiled the list of best YouTube channels for writers for those who love learning visually.

1. Writing With Jenna Moreci

”Hellooo everybody! ”, writer Jeena starts her videos, greeting in her own unique style and sometimes you may find her cute pet dog Buttercup appearing in her videos who will make you smile instantly.

Her subscribers loves her hilarious way of explaining everything.

From writing tips to any queries related to the business her funny commentary on any writing-related topic will compel you to watch her every video.

She also owns a good following on Instagram too, where she entertains everyone with her awesome day-to-day post.

Some Quick Links from the Channel-

10 Best Tips for Writing First Draft

10 Worst Tips for Creating Characters

10 Things to Do Before You Start Writing Your Book

2. Terrible Writing Advice

One of the most popular ”Writing Advice” YouTube channels, Terrible Writing Advice is run by Joseph Beaubien, a man from Tennessee who gives amazing and entertaining writing advice through his sarcastic, weird animated videos.

If you have got fed up with watching regularly, monotonous writing advice videos then finally you have found your peace as every video of Terrible Writing Advice is full of fun and never disappoints.

This channel covers many important topics in writing so you learn lots of great advice and writing techniques at the same place without looking anywhere else.

Some Quick links from the channel-

Beginning a Story

Ending a Story

Finishing a Story

3. Reedsy

Reedsy is well known in the writing business for providing its resources to budding authors.

This growing YouTube channel is filled with more than 500 helpful videos covering many topics in writing.

They post weekly and collaborate with many bestselling authors to bring the best writing advice to their viewers.

Some Quick Links from the channel-

How to Write a Poem

How to Write a Short Story

Design a Book Cover in 7 Steps

How to Write Effective Horror

4. The Creative Penn

Who would not love to get writing advice from the New York Times and USA Today bestseller author.

Joanna Penn, the bestseller writer of 27 great books, runs the YouTube channel along with her popular writing blog of the same name, The Creative Penn.

Her channel hosts more than 700 videos which are enough to cover any query related to writing.

Some Quick Links from the channel-

How to Write a Novel With Snowflake Method

How to Use Grammarly to Improve Your Writing

How to Use ProWritingAid to improve your Writing

5. SaehlinWrites

One of the youngest names among the writing influencers, Saehlin Bishop has earned a good name for her detailed and informative vlogging about writing.

At such a young age this student of creative writing is an author of 10 amazing novels.

Saehlin holds good knowledge in writing and presents the perspective of the young generation towards writing and books.

Her great talent in teaching the writing craft has made her name appearing in other renowned writing YouTube channels like Reedsy where you can find her giving great writing tips.

Some Quick Links from the Channel-

12 Tips for New Short Story Writers

How to Instantly Improve Your Writing

The Ultimate Guide to Tense and Point of View

6. iWriterly

Meg LaTorre had started his YT Channel in 2017 and soon, in no time she started grabbing the attention of the writing community making her one of the popular writing influencers.

Meg is a speaker, blogger, author and former literary agent. Now she shares all the experiences that she learned as a literary agent.

She is known for providing the best informative tips on publishing so If you have any doubts and queries on publishing, you should better listen to the former literary agent, Meg.

Some Quick Links from the Channel-

How to Write Your Book Faster

Self-Publishing Mistakes to Avoid

Why Literary Agents and Editors Rejects

13 Common New Writing Mistakes to Avoid

7. Brandon Sanderson

If you love listening to long-hour lectures on a subject, then you will love the Brandon YT channel.

Brandon Sanderson is an award-winning bestselling author who also teaches creative writing courses at the Brigham Young University, Utah and uploads all his best lectures to his YouTube channel.

As a writer of fantasy, science fiction and thriller, his channel is filled with valuable writing tips and advice covering his area of interest.

Some Quick Links from the Channel-

Should You Write a Novel

The Three Pillars of Storytelling

Five Tips for Writing Your First Novel

8. Vivien Reis

Vivien, a caring, busy mother of a daughter taking out time to bring the best writing advice for newbies every Wednesday.

She has been posting writing advice and tips since 2015 and now is one of the masters in teaching the art of writing for beginners.

Claiming herself as a young adult fantasy writer, this vlogger and writer is also an author of the novel ”The Elysian Prophecy” which is her 2018 debut novel.

Vivien also practices and talks a lot about NaNoWriMo, a popular writing community and organization which encourages you to write a 50,000-word novel under 30 days, so do subscribe to her if you are an aspiring author in a hurry.

Some Quick Links from the Channel-

How to Outline Your Novel

How to Format a Book in Word

How to Write Amazing Characters

How to Divide Your Book into Characters

8. Jerry Jenkins

Jerry B. Jenkins, the New York Times bestseller author promises to answer any writing-related queries and writing tips in under 2 minutes and this is completely true. Most of Jerry’s videos end under a minute and a half.

Along with the YT channel, Jerry also runs a writing blog with the same name

Some Quick Links from the Channel-

How to Write a Memoir

How to Write a Novel: 12 Proven Steps

How to Write a Book: 13 Tips from the Bestseller

How to Publish a Book (Based on 45+ Year of Experience)

9. Alexa Donne

If you like traditional publishing then Alexa Donne’s YT channel can be the right place to learn all about it.

Alexa Donne is an experienced traditionally published YA author of three sci-fi and thriller books.

From writing tips on thriller writing, traditional publishing, book editing to how to get a literary agent Alexa is answering your multiple writing queries at the same spot.

Some Quick Links from the Channel-

Should You Post to Wattpad

7 Common Mistakes New Writers Make

Novel Beginnings: How to Start Your Book

10. Kristen Martin

This bestselling indie author of YA, sci-fi and fantasy can be the most lively and entertaining writing influencer you will find on YouTube, giving advice on creative writing to lifestyle design.

The best part of watching Kristen is that along with giving great writing advice she also shares her real-life experiences which makes the subscribers feeling familiar and connected to this full-time creative coach.

Kristen goes beyond writing and advice on meditation, personal growth, productivity, anxiety, lifestyle design creativity and motivates everyone in her own fun and cool way.

Some Quicks Link from the Channel-

Create Your Ideal Writing Routine

How to Write More Words Everyday

How to Create a Storyboard for Your Book    


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Top 10 Best Books On Writing

(Books to Become a Better Writer)

#1 – Bird by Bird: Some instruction on writing and life


By Anne Lamott

Some consider it as the bible for writers, Bird by Bird, a modern classic that was first published in 1994 and still among the most popular reads.

An American novelist and non-fiction writer Anne Lamott crafted this masterpiece book to help writers learn the art of writing in the best way possible.

Bird by Bird is the essential reads for any aspiring author and does deserve a place on the bookshelf of any beginner in writing.


#2 On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft


By Stephen King

Written by the king of horror tales, Stephen King produced this memoir as well as a guidebook for aspiring writers to teach them the art of writing.

The popular bestseller is sharing his experiences, writing habits and crucial advice for aspiring writers to help them reach the milestone of what he has achieved in writing.

This memoir gives the glimpse into the mind of the master in writing.


#3 – On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing Non-Fiction


By Willian Zinsser

One of the best reliable resources for every aspiring non-fiction writer for learning the craft of writing great non-fiction.

This Zinsser’s popular classic guide has been also helping writers to learn the writing techniques of writing about people-”interviews”, writing about places- ”travel stories”, writing a memoir and covers some more popular topics in non-fiction writing.


#4 – The Elements of Style


By William Strunk Jr. and E.B White

This classic teaching aspiring writers some essential grammatical rules in writing and the do’s and don’t of perfect writing.

”The Elements of Style” advice on what to include and what to avoid in your writing and lots of topics like the principles of composition, style, grammar, and usage.

This great grammar police toolkit must be included in every writer’s book bucket list for writing without any errors and mistakes.


#5 – Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within


By Natalie Goldberg

First Published in 1986, Natalie’s Writing Down the Bones has sold more than one million copies.

The book is filled with more than thirty interesting chapters like Man Eat Car, We are Not the Poem, Writing is Not a McDonald’s Burger, Don’t Marry the Fly, One Plus One Equals a Mercedes- Benz and many more.

The book also provides some great writing prompts to start writing asap.


#6 – The Artistic Way


By Julia Cameron

Julia teaches and talks a lot about creativity through her book, ”The Artistic Way”.

She helps us to unlock our creative mind and guide us to the path of confidence for thinking something new when writers fight with their biggest enemy ”writer’s block”.

Learn the tips and techniques of being a creative writer with the writing exercise and advice provided in the book.


#7 – The War of the Art


By Steven Pressfield

Through his book, Steven highlights and discusses the two evils in our life, the ”resistance” and the ”naysayer” which stop us from achieving the goals of our lives.

Steven says, what stops a wannabe writer is they don’t know the secret which real writers know is this: It’s not the writing part that’s hard but what’s hard is sitting down to write.

What keeps us from sitting down is ”resistance”.

Learn through this masterpiece how to defeat the resistance and flourish in life.


#8 –The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person Guide to Writing in 21st Century


By Steven Pinker

Written contrary to the popular writing guide ”The Element of Style”, this book talks about language, grammar, style manuals, good writing, the curse of knowledge and much more interesting subject of writing.

The writer also presents some amazing writing styles which he has accumulated by analyzing some examples of modern prose.

Read this interesting book and know why the writer believes that writing is an unnatural act and how Charles Darwin verifies it.


#9 –Zen in the Art of Writing

By Ray BradBury

”I wrote at least a thousand words a day, every day from the age of twelve on”, the author of the bestseller novel FAHRENHEIT 451, Ray Bradbury shares his experiences, his writing life in his part memoir part writing guide, Zen in the Art of Writing.

Through this book, Bradbury is bringing his writing wisdom which he has thrived since childhood and encouraging budding writers to seek the passion in writing and feel the Zen in the art of writing.


#10 – Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative


By Austin Kleon

New York Times Bestseller, Steal Like an Artist is a masterpiece on teaching us the meaning of being creative and how can we unlock our full creative potential and defeat writer’s block.

Quoting this line from the bible ”There is nothing new under the sun”, the author is presenting his belief that nothing is completely original and every new idea is a mashup or remix of one or more previous idea.

So the book teaches the way to coin new ideas from the previous ideas.


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