How to Enter Reedsy Writing Contest and Win $250

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Looking for participating in a Flash Fiction or a Short Story writing competition or want to earn some money writing short fiction than there can’t be a better place than Reedsy’s weekly writing contest to start with.

Reedsy is a renowned name in writing world, it’s a platform, a marketplace and a hub, which connects authors, editors, designers, and others publishing professionals who provide their services and assistance to writers to publish their books and stories.

The Reedsy Weekly Prompts Contest

[ Short Fiction Writing Competition]

On every Friday Reedsy announces five writing prompts based on a theme and invites interested writers to submit a short story between 1,000 – 3,000 words in the English language.

The winner is currently awarded $250 prize money via PayPal.

The contest is open to all writers over the age of 18 and there is no entry fee for participating in this weekly writing contest.

Every week one winner, a story is chosen among all the submissions by the judges of the Reedsy team.

What kind of writing prompts and themes are given in the contest?

To understand what kind of themes and writing prompts are given in the contest you can learn by reading the below examples of theme and writing prompts given when the time of writing this blog-

  • Their this week contest theme is ”City living”.

Their five writing prompts (ideas) for this theme is given below –

”Write about someone fighting to keep their city neighborhood the same”.

”Write about someone fighting to change their city neighborhood for better”.

”Start your stories with the lines ‘’That’s the thing about this city’’.

Write a story that takes place in the same building but in two different time periods”.

”Start your story with a major city that your character has a love hate relationship with”.

After reading the theme and the writing prompts you may have gotten the idea of Reedsy’s prompts contest.

You can read Reedsy’s this week writing prompts for the contest here.

Now, If you want to see how a 1000 word story, which is a called a flash fiction look like? , then you can read my 1000 word flash fiction, Sheamus based on the theme of sacrifice and the writing prompt ”a father saves his dying son” and an another flash fiction, a short story of 1300 words, Invisible Man based on the theme, ”Immortal” and the writing prompt, a psycho scientist.   

reedsy weekly prompts contest

By the way, every week Reedsy come up with a different theme and new writing prompts so if you are not interested in writing a story based on their current prompts or story ideas or you are find the prompts very hard to write a story than you can wait for the next week to get new ideas to write on. But, make sure you are submitting an original story which has never been published anywhere before.

So choose one writing idea among five writing prompts and write an original short fiction story between their word limit and submit it to Reedsy blog within the countdown period of one week.

How to Write and Submit Your Short ?

The process of submitting your story to Reedsy is very simple you can learn the whole process step by step.

Step 1- Create an account on Reedsy.

Sign up on reedsy using your facebook, email or google account

Step 2- Visit Reedsy weekly writing contest page.

You can visit the page directly from here.

Step 3- Choose a writing prompts.

Choose one prompt or the story idea among the five writing prompts which you find best for you to create a story which can stand out among all the submissions.

Step 4- Write your story.

You can start writing your story directly in the box given or can in whichever writing app or software you prefer and later copy and paste it here into the blank box.

By the way you can read my blog on ”How to Write a Good Short Story in 9 Simple Steps” and can learn the art of great short story writing.

Step 5- Fill in the basic info and submit your story.

Now at the last step fill in the basic info like your story title and three categories which best describe your story and just submit your great short story and wait for the results.

Don’t forget to subscribe their newsletters so every week you can get all the five writing prompts directly in your mail inbox and you don’t have to visit their website every time to check new writing prompts and contest announcements.

Benefits of participating in the Reedsy writing contest

  • The winner is awarded $50 winning money.
  • The winner’s story is featured on the Reedsy’s blog, their newsletters and their Medium blog.
  • Some shortlisted entries are awarded with $25 credit into their Reedsy account towards its marketplace services like professional book editing, designing or marketing.

You can read the whole term and condition of Reedsy prompts contest here.

My best wishes for your story.


Author, The Drunken Ghost

Neel Rana

About the Author- Neel Rana is a YA short story author, flash fiction writer, literary enthusiast and the founder of Pandora Post. Neel holds a degree in BA Honours in English Literature and has been writing since 2017. Neel’s magnum opus YA short storybook, “The Drunken Ghost” has been well received by the readers.