10 Best Books on Creative Writing for Beginners

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Are you an aspiring author, want to become a better writer, or looking for good books on writing?

For new writers entering the writing world and looking for writing tips and advice, then books are the best and most reliable sources to guide you in this unfamiliar world of writing you.

For new members of the writing community, we have accumulated the names of the best books on creative writing written by the masters of this art which can help you learn, improve, and get aware of all the basics and techniques of writing.

Below is the list of best books on creative writing to assist beginners in writing their first great fiction with confidence and starting their writing journey like a pro.

Books On Creative Writing for Beginners

#1 – Bird by Bird: Some instruction on writing and life

bird by bird book cover

By Anne Lamott

Some consider it as the bible for writers, Bird by Bird, a modern classic that was first published in 1994 and is still among the most popular reads.

An American novelist and non-fiction writer Anne Lamott crafted this masterpiece book to help writers learn the art of writing in the best way possible.

Bird by Bird is the essential read for any aspiring author and does deserve a place on the bookshelf of any beginner in writing.


#2 On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

on writing by stephen king book cover

By Stephen King

Written by the king of horror tales, Stephen King produced this memoir as well as a guidebook for aspiring writers to teach them the art of writing.

The popular bestseller is sharing his experiences, writing habits and crucial advice for aspiring writers to help them reach the milestone of what he has achieved in writing.

This memoir gives a glimpse into the mind of the master of writing.


#3 – On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing Non-Fiction

on writing well by william zinsser book cover

By Willian Zinsser

One of the best reliable resources for every aspiring non-fiction writer for learning the craft of writing great non-fiction.

This Zinsser’s popular classic guide has been also helping writers to learn the writing techniques of writing about people-”interviews”, writing about places- ”travel stories”, writing a memoir and covering some more popular topics in non-fiction writing.


#4 – The Elements of Style

the elements of style book cover

By William Strunk Jr. and E.B White

This classic teaches aspiring writers some essential grammatical rules in writing and the do’s and don’t of perfect writing.

”The Elements of Style” advice on what to include and what to avoid in your writing and lots of topics like the principles of composition, style, grammar, and usage.

This great grammar police toolkit must be included in every writer’s book bucket list for writing without any errors and mistakes.


#5 – Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within

writing down the bones book cover

By Natalie Goldberg

First Published in 1986, Natalie’s Writing Down the Bones has sold more than one million copies.

The book is filled with more than thirty interesting chapters like Man Eat Car, We are Not the Poem, Writing is Not a McDonald’s Burger, Don’t Marry the Fly, One Plus One Equals a Mercedes- Benz and many more.

The book also provides some great writing prompts to start writing asap.


best creative writing books for beginners in writing

#6 – The Artist’s Way

the artist's way book cover

By Julia Cameron

Julia teaches and talks a lot about creativity through her book, ”The Artist’s Way”.

She helps us to unlock our creative mind and guides us to the path of confidence for thinking something new when writers fight with their biggest enemy ”writer’s block”.

Learn the tips and techniques of being a creative writer with the writing exercise and advice provided in the book.


#7 – The War of the Art

the war of art book cover

By Steven Pressfield

Through his book, Steven highlights and discusses the two evils in our life, the ”resistance” and the ”naysayer” which stop us from achieving the goals of our lives.

Steven says, what stops a wannabe writer is they don’t know the secret which real writers know is this: It’s not the writing part that’s hard but what’s hard is sitting down to write.

What keeps us from sitting down is ”resistance”.

Learn through this masterpiece how to defeat the resistance and flourish in life.


#8 –The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person Guide to Writing in 21st Century

the sense of style the thinking person guide to writing in 21st century book cover

By Steven Pinker

Written contrary to the popular writing guide ”The Element of Style”, this book talks about language, grammar, style manuals, good writing, the curse of knowledge and many more interesting subject of writing.

The writer also presents some amazing writing styles which he has accumulated by analyzing some examples of modern prose.

Read this interesting book and know why the writer believes that writing is an unnatural act and how Charles Darwin verifies it.


#9 –Zen in the Art of Writing

zen in the art of writing book cover

By Ray Bradbury

”I wrote at least a thousand words a day, every day from the age of twelve on”, the author of the bestseller novel FAHRENHEIT 451, Ray Bradbury shares his experiences, his writing life in his part memoir part writing guide, Zen in the Art of Writing.

Through this book, Bradbury is bringing his writing wisdom which he has thrived since childhood and encouraging budding writers to seek the passion in writing and feel the Zen in the art of writing.


#10 – Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative

steal like an artist book cover

By Austin Kleon

New York Times Bestseller, Steal Like an Artist is a masterpiece in teaching us the meaning of being creative and how can we unlock our full creative potential and defeat writer’s block.

Quoting this line from the bible ”There is nothing new under the sun”, the author is presenting his belief that nothing is completely original and every new idea is a mashup or remix of one or more previous ideas.

So the book teaches the way to coin new ideas from the previous ideas.


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