10 Best Creative Writing Blogs (For Great Writing Advice)

You are currently viewing 10 Best Creative Writing Blogs (For Great Writing Advice)

Are you new in the creative writing city, and looking for good places to learn the art of writing?

This article is for every beginner in writing looking for learning creative writing on the internet.

We have accumulated the names of the best creative writing blogs that will help you in learning all the basics of all writing, improving your writing skills, or resolving your queries related to writing?

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Follow the list for best writing tips, advice and everyday queries for your aspiring author’s mind.

Best Creative Writing Blogs

1. The Write Life

the write life blog page

Want to learn Freelance Writing, Blogging, Marketing, Book Publishing, or Writing, The Write Life will provide you with all the best answers to your concern as a writer.

Founded in 2013 by Alexis Grant, a media innovator, entrepreneur, and expert in the business of content runs the blog with his brilliant team of experts who brings the best solutions for writers.

Some Quick Links From the Blog-

How to Format a Book: 10 Tips Your Editor Wants to Know

9 Powerful Tips for Writing Your First Successful Ebook

Writing Children’s Book: How Magical Stories Comes to Life

2. Writer’s Digest

writers's digest blog page

One of the top visiting Writing blogs on the internet, Writer’s Digest is the digital part of the popular Writer’s Digest Magazine, selling since 1920.

This trustworthy resource hosts tons of great articles on writing tips, advice, poetry, non-fiction, fiction, screenwriting, writing prompts and much more great stuff for writers.

Some Quick Links from the blog-

7 Tips for Writing Crime Fiction

Novel Writing from A to Z

A Word about Writing Princesses and Fairy Tales

3. The Write Practice

the write practice blog page

”Practice” is the main motto of ”The Write Practice” founder Joe Bunting for becoming a better writer and that’s why his blog provides great writing exercises and assignments.

The blog is also filled with hundreds of informative articles on writing tips and techniques, writing prompts and lots more for writers to offer.

Some Quick Links from the Blog-

Top 10 Book Writing Software

The Best Way to Become a Better Writer

How to Write a Book Using Microsoft Word

4. The Creative Penn

the creative penn blog

Learn the art of writing bestselling books from Joanna Penn, the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, teaching everyone the craft of writing at his blog, The Creative Penn.

This blog is best for those who want to earn a living as a writer as Joanna teaches the way of making a living writing.

The blog also offers writing tips and advice on novel writing, book publishing, marketing, writing non-fiction, etc.

Some Quick Links from the Blog-

How to Make a Living With Your Writing

7 Steps to Write Your First Novel

How to Write a Non-Fiction Book

5. Now Novel

now novel blog page

Want to start writing a novel right ”now”, then Now Novel is waiting for you to assist with all the tools, guidance and coaches to help you start writing at a reasonable fee.

Founded by Bridget and Brendan McNulty and Dagmar Timler around 2012, the blog provides great novel writing tips and advice.

The site also offers to edit, coaching and assisting services in their paid plans.

Some Quick Links from the Blog-

How to Develop a Story

How to Outline a Novel

How to Plot a Novel: 7 Tips

6. Jerry Jenkins Blog

jerry jenkins creative writing blog page

This blog is run by Jerry B. Jenkins, a renowned American writer and author of more than 200 amazing books and stories.

Jerry Jenkins shares all his secrets of writing bestsellers at his blog.

Learn the art of writing from Jerry, an expert in the business for years.

Some Quick Links from the Blog-

How to Start a Story: 4 Proven Tips

How to Write A Novel: A 12 Step Guide

8 Types of Characters to Include in Your Story

7. The Reedsy Blog

reedsy creative writing blogs page

Founded by four-man in 2014, Reedsy is like the Amazon for writers where you can get anything needed to complete your books.

From writing advice, tips, prompt, exercises, tools and writing contests, Reedsy offers a whole world of resources for writers.

Do give a read to the reedsy blog or visit their main site Reedsy if you want to hire a book cover designer, editors, marketers, book reviewers, publicists, ghostwriters, etc.

Some Quick Links from the Blog-

How to Write an Ebook In 7 Simple Steps

How to Become a Better Writer: 20 Tips and Hacks

Word Counts: How Long is Novella and Short Story?

8. Self-Publishing School

self publishing school creative writing blogs

As the name speaks, Self-Publishing School helps writers to self-publish their books asap.

The blog is best for those looking for advice on self-publishing as it provides great articles on self-publishing.

Along with providing writing tips and techniques the site also offers paid services to help self-publish a book smoothly.

Some Quick Links from the blog-

How to Write a Children’s Book

How to Create a Picture Book

How to Publish a Book on Amazon

9. Helping Writers Become Authors

helping writers become authors creative writing blog page

K.M Weiland, a writer and an author helps writers become authors through her well informative guides covering every topic possible in writing.

The author has published more than a thousand articles on her blog, covering almost all the possible concerns and queries of a writer’s mind.

Some Quick Links from the Blog-

How to Outline Your Novel

Most Common Writing Mistakes

How to Structure Your Story

10. BookFox

bookfox creative writing blog page

One of the best clean and simplest looking writing blogs, BookFox was founded by John Matthew Fox, an author and writer in 2006.

Since 2006 John John has published more than 900 helpful posts for answer seekers on his blog.

Do give a read to this last but not least writing blog helping writers to learn the craft of writing and become better writers.

Some Quick Links from the blog-

How to be a Happy Writer

How to Write Children’s Book in 12 Steps

10 Career Mistakes Writers Must Avoid

These are also the blogs that you will encounter the most while searching for any answers related to writing or any writing tips or advice.

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