Best Micro Stories: MicroFiction & Flash Fiction Examples [500 word Stories]

Best Micro Stories: MicroFiction & Flash Fiction Examples [500 word Stories]
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So you are on a small break or on a short journey and want to read some fiction that can easily be completed in no time then there can’t be a better option than reading Micro or Flash Fiction which are even shorter than any short story and can be finished in just a few minutes.

Flash Fictions, a fictional work of extreme brevity, short and quick reading bites of fiction that can entertain its readers without killing much of their time.  

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  • Traditionally any work of short fiction written under 1000 words ( max 1500 words) is called Flash Fiction and a short fiction written between 100-500 words is considered Micro-Fiction.

Examples of MicroFiction

The Toilet Paper

(520 words)

microfiction examples

Little Lilly was so upset after the loss of her beloved pet dog, Pluto.

She was missing Pluto so much, and in grief, she didn’t even come for dinner and went to sleep without eating.

But later at midnight, something very strange happened, Lilly got awake after hearing a loud peculiar sound.

Soon she got shocked to hear the bark of Pluto coming from her wardrobe.

She slowly approached the wardrobe in fear.

Now the bark had stopped.

With her trembling little hands, Lilly opened the wardrobe.

The bark of Pluto had started again.

Soon she heard a strange voice;

“Don’t be scared Lilly it’s me your friend Pluto, please just come inside the wardrobe, we will have lots of fun together”.

Lilly got shocked to hear all this and asked in her trembling voice;

“Are you the ghost of Pluto and how can you speak?”.

I really don’t know what I am, just trust me and come inside the wardrobe and close it from inside then you can see me; the voice replied.

Somehow Lilly dared and came inside the wardrobe.

As soon as she closed the doors she found herself in a completely different world where everything was extremely beautiful and made of colors which she had never seen before.

“Am I in heaven!”, Lilly shouted.

Maybe but we call it the good world, a young boy standing behind her replied.

Who are you now? Lilly asked.

I am Pluto, my dear Lilly; the boy replied. 

How you can be my Pluto? he was a dog; Lilly asked.

No, it is really me, right now I’m a boy so that I can talk to you as you know dogs just bark they can’t talk; the boy replied.

Lilly said, I won’t believe it, if you are Pluto then tell me what was his favorite playing toy?.

Its toilet papers my favorite; Pluto replied.

Oh my god! it’s truly you Pluto, my Pluto; Lilly said in excitement.

“Let me take you to a special place, come with me,” Pluto said.

But Lilly stopped and said: 

“I know it’s you my Pluto but yet I’m missing my real Pluto, my dog”.

Oh!, so I need to turn into a dog again, ok just put your hands on your eyes, cause I’m feeling a little shy doing it.

I’m closing my eyes, Lilly replied. 

Can I see you now? Lilly asked.

No, wait it’s happening, Pluto replied, but this time in a strange dog kind of voice. 

I can’t wait for more, can I open my eyes now; Lilly said in excitement.

Lill baby get up, you are late for school; Lilly heard mom’s voice and opened her eyes but found herself on her bed.

Was this all a dream? Lilly asked herself.

She then got up and went inside the wardrobe and closed it again but this time nothing happened.

So it was all an amazing dream Lilly said to herself in a sad voice and closed the wardrobe and was leaving the room.

But soon the wardrobe got opened itself and a toilet paper roll dropped with a written message;


Lilly smiled.

Genre- Fiction

My Brother’s Girlfriend

(510 Words) 
microfiction examples

Harry never realized and accepted but he always secretly loved Anna, his neighbor, childhood best friend, and now his elder brother John’s girlfriend.

Anna had a huge crush on John since school times where he used to be the caption of their school basketball team and the most famous guy in the whole school and Harry was just opposite to his brother, a perfect nerd who always hides behind his books.

After school ended Anna and John coincidently went into the same college where they both started spending more time together and soon their friendship turned into a relationship.

As Harry always knew that Anna liked John so initially, he didn’t have any problem with their relationship and moreover he was happy for her but soon he got a little concerned for her as he knew his brother, who never took anything seriously and always used to date other girls while being in a relationship.

Harry never told Anna about his brother’s doings as he knew she loves him so much and her heart will break after known John’s real character and he just wished John start taking his relationship and Anna seriously.

Later one day John threw his birthday party at his house where he just invited some close friends.

Everyone was dancing and enjoying the party.

Harry was so happy to see Anna dancing, soon someone knocked on the door, a girl entered with a huge gift box in her hands and wished John Happy Birthday, John hesitated and replied, thanks for coming but I have said we will celebrate somewhere outside.

The girl replied that yes I know but I wanted to meet your family and friends and introduced herself as John’s girlfriend Julia, Anna got shocked to hear this but when John said nothing and introduced Anna as his neighbor to Julia, after listening to this Anna left the party and went to the terrace and started crying.

Harry knew that this had to happened one day, he followed her to the terrace and convinced her that his brother doesn’t deserve her love and said he will do the same thing with this new girl and he was happy that she found his brother’s true nature earlier.

Anna asked Harry, then why don’t you tell me all about this earlier, Harry replied that he cannot see his best friend crying.

Afterward, Anna stopped talking to John but soon one day she met with an accident and broke her leg and got hospitalized.

John showed no interest in seeing her but Harry used to visit Anna every day in the hospital and took good care of her all the time.

Anna got very impressed by Harry carrying nature and soon the day came when Anna got discharged from the hospital.

Harry also came to take her along with her parents but Anna yet couldn’t walk so Harry was walking along while giving support to her.

But soon Harry got so much surprised and hit cloud nine when Anna whispered in his ears saying can we be more than just best friends and neighbors?

Genre: Romance

 The Graveyard Guy 

(310 Words) 
microfiction examples


Alex was on a long road trip outside the city to reach his project site.

Later on the way his car got breakdown, he tried hard but couldn’t restart the car

But soon a young man with a peaceful grin on his face knocked at his car window and said:

“Brother do you need any help”.

Alex first got surprised to see the young man suddenly coming from nowhere in the dark lonely road.

But he promptly said yes, yes please help, and elaborated his situation that he is getting late to reach somewhere where his presence is very crucial.

The young man smiled and said:

”some year back he also got late in reaching a place but now he always reaches everywhere in time as he reached here to help him”.

Alex giggled but found the words of that man a little strange.

Soon the sweet but strange man opened the car bonnet and started repairing it.

Alex couldn’t see him but he started talking to him.

Alex said that he is very kind as no one helps a stranger these days and then asked what he was doing there alone at night, Is he works or live somewhere nearby and what his name is?

The man didn’t answer anything and just asked Alex to restart the car.

Soon the car got started but Alex found something strange, the car bonnet was yet opened.

Alex got down from the car to at least say thank you to the young stranger for his kind help but he found no one outside.

Alex already had got so late for the meeting at the site that he didn’t even care much about the young stranger and left the place.

The next day when he was returning back home he got shocked and frightened to see the place where his car got breakdown had nothing except a graveyard. 

Genre- Horror 

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The Haunted Honeymoon  

(322 Words) 
microfiction examples

A newlywed couple Adam and Rose visited a luxurious hotel for their honeymoon.

They were very happy to visit the elegant hotel but they found it very strange to see a priest present in the reception and who was like preparing himself for some rituals.

Adam and Rose both found it very weird and tried asking about this from staff, the manager came promptly and replied that not to bother as some hotel guest has called the priest for their family rituals.


After listening to this they left for the beach, then spend the whole day enjoying the beach and spending quality time together.

Later at midnight Rose got to wake up to drink some water but found Adam, not in the room, soon she heard Adam voice from another room saying honey you woke up, Rose said what is he doing here sitting alone at midnight and why he turned off all the lights as she can’t even see him properly.

But Rose got shocked by his reply;

As Adam asked will she ever cheat on him.

Rose got angry and said why is he saying so and went to turn on the lights.

But she got shocked when she turned on the light as there was no one present in the room.

Soon Adam entered from the main door and asked Rose what was she doing here and said he has gone on the hotel terrace to breathe some fresh air.

Watching Adam, Rose started crying and just asked Adam to leave the hotel as soon as possible and at the same midnight, they left the hotel.

The next day the hotel manager called Adam and said sorry for their bad experience and tell Adam that last month another newly wedded couple had visited the hotel but the man killed himself when he found his wife cheating on him and now he haunts every newlywed woman in the hotel.

Genre- Horror

George and Mr. Green In the Time Machine

(384 Words) 

microfiction examples

Once upon a time, there was a little boy, George Harper who was living with his Uncle Johnny and his aunt, Nancy, after his parents went missing.

George’s father Henry and his mother Jean who were geologists and never returned back from an adventurous expedition trip and were thought to be dead.

Little Harper was loved a lot by his uncle Johnny as he and Nancy had no child, so Johnny always took care of George as his own son but yet his aunt Nancy never liked him and always had an argument with Johnny on sending him to boarding school but Johnny never listened to her.

George was very shy and barely used to talk with anybody but he had a friend from his neighborhood, Grace Green the daughter of a renowned but weird physics professor.

Mr. Green, who was a weird man and wanted to build a time machine.

After doing his day job as a head lecturer in the famous city university he used to spend his whole night doing weird experiments in his home laboratory,

where the whole neighborhood was fed up with watching colored-flashy lights and smoke coming from Mr. Green’s house the whole night and his weird experiments were the main reason that let Mr. Green’s wife Rebecca, left him and started living with her parents but Grace decided to live with his dad.

But George was very fond of watching the colored lights coming from Mr. Green’s house and was the only person whom Mr. Green had allowed to enter his house and even his laboratory as George never doubted Mr. Green ambitions and he used to ask many questions to him related with his everyday experiments.

Very happily Mr. Green used to answer every question of curious George and had told George about his secret time machine project on which he was working for many years.

Mr. Green had also promised little George that one day soon he would take him to his parents in his time machine.

Then one day the whole neighborhood gathered after Mr. Green’s house and was shocked to see the house of Mr. Green which was missing from its place along with Mr. Green, Grace, and little George.

Genre– Science Fiction

Example of Flash Fiction


(1000 words)

boy wearing a prince costume
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Once there lived Sheamus, a ruthless king of a big empire.

His great, brutal army had helped him in conquering any land coming into his ways resulting in extending his empire to far places.

Sheamus called himself ‘’Invincible King’’ as no one had ever defeated him.

Whenever his huge army moved, either the rival kings ran away to save their life or they had surrendered their monarch to save their people from the merciless king.

But one day something happened which made this invincible king helpless.

Sheamus beloved son Liam had got severely ill.

This heartless had never cared anyone’s except his son.  

Brutal Sheamus was unexpectedly a good father and loved his son a lot.

But now the only person whom he loved was living last days of his life.

His only son Liam was suffering from an incurable disease.

Sheamus couldn’t watch his son struggling for his every breath.

Sheamus’s wife and queen Ezina said all this was the results of the bad doings of Shemus which came as a curse for their child and the god was punishing him for all the bad deeds he did in their life.

Sheamus now had become more brutal and insane to see his child sufferings and killed every physician of his kingdom as they couldn’t able to cure his son.

Soon he ordered his guards to capture all the best physicians from other kingdoms and present them before him.

Soon the guards presented before him twelve best physicians.

The abducted were the most proclaimed physicians from other kingdoms, famous for saving many lives in crisis.

Sheamus said if his son dies then he will kill everyone and asked if they want to leave his kingdom alive then they had to save his son’s life.

Every physician was given a bag containing all kinds of herbs to prepare any medicine.

Soon the scared physicians started preparing some medicine to save their lives as well as Shemus’s son.

At night all the physicians presented before him some medicines except Toby.

Toby didn’t come with any medicine.

King Sheamus got extremely angry to see Toby with empty hands and said;

‘’So you are not interested in saving your life but don’t think I will give you an easy death’’.

Toby replied: ”King Shemus I know this disease very well and I want to tell you a harsh truth, no medicine prepared by my fellow physicians or anyone is enough to save your son’s life so I felt worthless to prepare anything”.

”Oh!, you know everything about this disease, so what happened to your patient, did he died like my son is dying right now? Sheamus asked in his angry voice.

”No, he survived any got completely cured and right now that patient is standing in front of you”; Toby replied.

What do you mean? Sheamus asked.

I was that patient who had suffered this disease when I was a young boy and my father had saved my life; Toby replied.

You knew everything about my son’s illness and now you are telling me all this, I will take your life right now, just tell me how did your father save your life and where is he now; Shemus shouted angrily at Toby.

Toby replied; King Shemus my father is no more but what he did to save me I think you won’t do that is why I thought it worthless to tell you and accepted my fate of death by you.

Sheamus got very angry and said; Don’t try to puzzle me, just tell me clearly how your father had saved you otherwise I am barely holding myself to take your life at any moment.

Toby replied; King Shemus I know you will not kill me at least until something happened to your son, right now my life is more valuable in this after your son.

So you want to know how my father saved my life, then listen he sacrificed his life to save me; Toby said.

What sacrifice? What are you talking about? Tell me clearly? Sheamus asked again but this time in a dull voice.

Toby said; outside this kingdom in the jungle of Onma, grows rare black mushrooms which can save your child’s life from this incurable disease.

Listening to this the king promptly ordered his guards to bring every black looking mushroom present in the jungle.

Toby said; King Shemus wait I have to tell you something else.

Sheamus replied; I am listening what do you want to say now?

Toby said; King Shemus the rare mushroom only will not save your son but you or the queen as anyone from the blood relation of the patient has to eat that rare mushroom and then has to give some drops of his blood in the ill person mouth for five days but the sixth day the person who had eaten the mushroom dies because of the poison present in it but the patient gets cure completely.

Oh! so this sacrifice you were talking about, the King said to Toby and soon asked his guards to call the queen.

Toby again elaborated everything to queen.

Queen Ezina said; Dear king Shemus have you forget, I’m not your child’s actual mother, you had killed his mother for deceiving you.

For the first time, the king felt that he was not invincible and the God was really punishing him for his deeds.

He soon ordered his guards to leave everyone and went to Liam’s room.

Every physician hurriedly left except Toby, who followed King to his son’s room.

Toby saw king Sheamus was crying and was regretting for his doings.

Toby said don’t worry he will be fine soon.

King Sheamus said; I had never valued anyone except my son.

At night the guards came with the black mushroom and gave to Toby.

Sheamus ate those mushrooms and dropped some of his blood to his son mouth by cutting his hand.

Sheamus’s son soon started getting better every day and opened his eyes on the fifth day opened his eyes and on the sixth-day Shemus died.

Finally, the brutal king got defeated by his own fate but a great father inside him won.

All Examples by Neel Rana, author ”The Drunken Ghost”