Pandora Post is a blog for beginners in the writing world as well as a literary site. 

We are here to bring you the best writing tips & advice from all the best reliable sources to let you kick start your writing journey as a pro writer.

Note- The publishing of every article on this blog goes through a process of a thorough study on the topic after which they are written in the most simple language following the perfection, bringing you the best and liable information to help you learn and focus on your writing and let us do the in-depth research work for you and bring every good thing at one place, in one article.

SO WHO is behind Pandora Post?

Neel Rana author
Neel Rana

Neel Rana is a published author (The Drunken Ghost), a passionate literary blogger, and writer since 2017. He holds a degree in BA Honours in English Literature.

Neel loves literature, fiction and shares whatever he learns every day in the field of creative writing and helps beginners to begin asap.

Anytime you can find him in his bed or couch with his iPad or his hp laptop, writing and finishing his first fantasy novel, working on his blog, researching great writing tips & advice, watching Aljazeera, TLC, MTV, Discovery Channel or scrolling YouTube.

Want to ask Neel something?, mail him at [email protected]

Top Three Favourite Books of Neel

1.The Hobbit by J. R. R Tolkien (The first novel that he bought).

2. Silas Marner by George Eliot (The novel that inspired him to write).

3.Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari (The book that changed the way he looked at the world).

Neel is a non-native English speaker and apologizes for any grammatical mistakes you encountered reading his blog, he believes great stories are written by good writers, not editors.