60 Science Fiction Story Ideas & Writing Prompts

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Science fiction stories mostly showcase futuristic ideas, scientific concepts, space explorations & adventures, extraterritorial existence, time travel, cosmic possibilities, etc.

But Sci-fi story writing is a way broader genre where all the possibilities with science and space are explored.

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Below is the list of some great science fiction story ideas, and writing prompts that will help you brainstorm your great sci-fi story.

60 Science Fiction Story Ideas (Writing Prompts) –


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-A science girl accidentally solved one of the greatest mysteries of the universe.


-Seven men dressed in an unknown uniform appear at a character’s door at midnight and order him to come with them. They are from the future.


-An intelligent life form from a planet of a very far away galaxy has just found out about the presence of life on earth.


-One regular day, the spaceship lands in your character’s garden, and her parents leave with it. 


-A character finds out that his rescued pet dog is actually an extraterrestrial being disguised as a dog. The character misuses him in exchange for shelter and security.


-In the far future, the government has banned multiverse travel for common people but yet some people are using it secretly.


-Scientists forced human DNA to evolve further and further. This resulted in the creation of flying superhumans.


-People are now using a technology called dream online which lets people meet and communicate with other people in dreams.


-Teleportation is now the new way of travel.


-A war on mars is going on to capture as much land as possible by the world countries.

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-A young girl met with an accident and wakes up after 207 years in the future. She was part of a project which is the reason she is still alive and young.


-In the future people started living in the water cities made inside the oceans.


-Scientists were trying to create the big bang in a lab on a small scale but that resulted in opening a portal to different worlds.


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-With the new technology humans are now able to talk with their pets and other animals.


-People are abandoning the real world and now choosing to live in a computer-simulated world filled with everything they ever wished for. 


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-The extraterrestrials now rule the planet and roam around cities to destroy any rebellion.


-The space city is now the home of the rich where a character lives in his wealthy family but falls in love with a poor girl living on the surface.


-A weird sound is coming from the space which is increasing day by day.


-3 time travelers from different timelines coincidentally met at a place and invited each other to visit their homes in different timelines.


-A character’s new friend is a time traveler and she doesn’t know.


-A character genius friend was secretly testing a time-traveling machine in his garage lab when he suddenly disappeared and the machine broke down.


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-A character was sleeping when all of a sudden he woke up and found a woman sleeping next to her, and saw a picture of him with the lady kissing and the room was also different from his. The character was somehow in a parallel universe where he is married.


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-A group of snowboarders discovers a hidden door in the snowy mountain, the door led to an abandoned laboratory containing bodies of clones



-A character’s genius friend and roommate from his college is actually an extraterrestrial being disguised as a student and is part of a research team from his planet secretly studying the earth, its living beings, and the technology found here.


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-A character belongs to a planet where women have gone extinct and only men live.


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-A character lives on a planet where everything is totally flat, like foods have no taste, flowers have no smell, and every visible thing is white in color. They call it the boring planet.


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-In an accident, a character hits a laboratory vehicle containing plutonium and a gallon of some secret chemical. The character is alive but in a multidimensional state.


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-In the future, a character travels back in time using his father’s time machine to meet his dead grandfather who had started the time machine project but had left after failing every time.


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-After surviving an explosion in his factory, a character started seeing things from the future.


-With the new technology anyone suffering from any disease is cured instantly but it comes with a heavy price.


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-The world is now connected with underground tunnels running super fast vehicles carrying people who work every day thousand miles away from their homes.


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-In the Roman era, a soldier somehow finds an advanced weapon, a gun of the 21st century.


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-In the far future, the earth is inhabited by highly advanced AI robots and no human being lives on the planet.


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-The weather is now controlled by humans through advanced weather technology which has now corrupted, leading the earth towards an ice age.


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-Humans have now established connections with civilizations living in far away galaxies.


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-The government is providing vaccination against aging helping people to live forever but soon learns the repercussions of playing god.


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-An old scientist had created a time traveling watch and kept it secret while using it for many years but revealed it to his grandson on his deathbed.


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-A genius schoolboy creates a wormhole in his basement and no one knows where he went through it except one of his school friends.


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A character finds out that his parents and his sister are robots and even his school teachers, his friends and everyone in his town is a robot and so he tries to find the reason without letting anyone know that he knows their truth.


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-A character who started receiving calls from himself. The other person is himself but from a other dimension.


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-A character is very good with computers and creates a real-world simulation where people could upload their consciousness and live forever as one of the characters in the simulation while leaving their bodies in a deep freeze.


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-A character falls in love with a woman working at a shop but he finds out that she’s just a robot designed to work at shops.


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-An innocent man serving a lifetime prison sentence in the future time escapes and comes into the past using time travel to prove his innocence.


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-A family who is actually highly intelligent robots sent from the future to investigate a crime.


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-A NASA scientist finds out what existed before the big bang. He got amazed.


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-In the future time travel becomes possible and everyone is allowed to go back in time but they can’t return.


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-An astronaut returned to earth and later discovers that it was not the earth that he had left but a multiverse.


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-In the year 3090, a group of brave astronauts is traveling back in time before the big bang. They are amazed at what they saw.


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-A criminal clones himself and calls the police to arrest his clone. The clone is an innocent man who gets a lifetime prison sentence for the crimes of his creator. A cop knows all this but he had to catch him to prove it.


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-In the far future, a spaceship entering the milky way galaxy gets a message on its screen saying, beware of ultra-advanced humans.


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-Someone from the future is trying to contact the present humans through some advanced technology. He holds a crucial message for humankind.


-Parents are cloning themselves to take care of their babies when they are at work. A clone couple escapes with the baby.


-In the year 2067, a young man living and working on mars as a spaceship engineer for a company finds his life very boring on the planet and is trying to return to earth. The company won’t let him leave.


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In a futuristic world, rich are buying their life partners and kids from a scientific advanced company selling specially engineered million dollar humans artificially born in their labs. A character finds out that she and her kid were bought by her billionaire husband.


-An explorer spaceship finds an alien world inhabited by giant human-like creatures.


-A schoolboy discovers that all the teachers of his school are robots. 


Some sentient AI is now ruling the world with its huge robot army.


In future tourism, people travel back to the world of the dinosaurs to see them alive. Traveling back to any human civilization timeline is restricted.


-In the future, a huge meteor is coming towards the earth and every government is evacuating important personalities in their huge rockets leaving the planet and common people behind. But someone has a plan B.

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