80 Examples of Onomatopoeia: Sound Words List (With Pictures & Example Sentences)

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Onomatopoeia is a type of figurative language that is used to describe a sound. An onomatopoeic word imitates, mimics, or suggests the sound of an action or the thing described. For example words like ”buzz”, ”sizzle” and ”meow” are all onomatopoeic words because they sound like the things they are describing.

A writer uses onomatopoeic words (also known as the sound words) in poetry or story writing to create more vivid and engaging reading experience.

For example, a writer might write ”she heard some bee buzzing around her little garden”. So, describing what is happening through such types of words that sound like the thing mentioned makes the fiction more exciting, expressive, readable, and interesting for readers. It also adds atmosphere and feel to the story.

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Read the below examples of onomatopoeia with meanings, example sentences and picture included with every onomatopoeic word to understand easily.

80 Examples of Onomatopoeia: Sound Words List (with Example Sentences)

1. Achoo

a girl sneezing

: used to represent the sound of a sneeze

Example sentence- Achoo! Murphy kept sneezing all day until his grandmother made her special herbal soup for him.

2. Ahem

a women giving speech

: used to represent the sound made when clearing the throat, often to attract someone’s attention, expressing disapproval or doubt or embarrassment.

Example sentence- Ahem! Excuse me, said John and left the meeting without saying anything.

3. Bam

two vehicles colliding with each other

: used to represent the sound of a sudden impact or hit

Example sentence With a loud bam, the door burst open, startling everyone in the room.

4. Bang

a man with gun firing

: used to represent the sound of a sudden loud noise of a gunfire, explosion or knocking on the door.

Example sentence She first heard a loud bang, then saw a dead bird lying on the ground and her idiotic brother holding a gun proudly.

5. Bash

someone bashing the door

: to strike hard and violently 

Example sentence He bashed the door down to save his pet from the fire.

6. Boo

a ghost

: a noise made to frighten someone, express disapproval or contempt

Example sentence The man yelled, boo! And every kid standing outside his door for trick or treat ran away.

7. Boom

a bomb exploding

: used to represent a deep, loud noise often the sound of an explosion

Example sentence Every passenger heard the boom, before the plane started falling down.

8. Boing

a spring

: used to represent the bouncing, springing or twanging sound or action

Example sentence The football went boing onto a spectator’s head.

9. Beep

a printer beeping

: used to represent a short, high-pitched sound emitted by an electronic device or vehicle horn.

Example sentence She first heard a beeping noise coming out of the kitchen and soon the house was filled with smoke.

10. Burp

a man burping

: used to represent a noise made by air released from your stomach through the mouth

Example sentence He felt really embarrassed when he burped in front of Emma.

11. Buzz

a bee flying

: used to represent a low continuous humming sound made by a bee or insects flying

Example sentenceFlies were buzzing all around the dirty man’s body.

12. Cackle

a witch laughing

: used to represent a loud and harsh laughing sound

Example sentenceThe witch cackled when the wizard got trapped in her trap.

13. Chatter

a women chattering in cold

: used to represent a high-pitched quick & repeated noise made by animals, birds and machines, or a sound made by the teeth when feeling very cold or frightened or to talk fast and often on trivial matters

Example sentence The chatter of the librarian’s typewriter was disturbing everyone.

14. Cheer

a girl cheering for her friend

: used to represent a loud shout of applause or encouragement 

Example sentence In the final race, no one was there to cheer for her, and she still won the race.

15. Chirp

a little bird chirping

: used to represent a sharp high-pitched sound made by small birds and some insects.

Example sentenceThe cricket chirping sounds louder in the dark silent night.

16. Clap


: used to represent a sound made by striking palms of hand together 

Example sentence They began to clap when she entered the room.

17. Clang

a bell making noise

: used to represent the noise made by pots and pans or the sound of a metal object being hit

Example sentence The sound of the bell clanging at the clock tower could be heard from far away.

18. Clank

: used to represent the loud sound of metal objects hitting each other.

Example sentence When Beth heard the clanking noise of a ferry coming closer to the island, she knew that she was saved now.

19. Click

a switch

: used to represent the sound of switches, electronic buttons, or any two hard objects coming quickly into contact

Example sentence As soon as the key clicked in the lock of the mysterious box, the light started emitting from it.

20. Clip-clop

a horse walking

: used to represent the sound made by a horse’s hooves hitting on hard ground while walking.

Example sentence When the queen heard the sound of clip-clops of horse hooves, she knew that the king had returned.

21. Clatter

washing dishes

: used to represent a loud, rattling sound made by hitting hard objects against each other

Example sentence In anger, she started clattering the dishes and broke many.

22. Crackle

a radio crackling

: used to represent short, harsh, and sharp noises

Example sentence He turned on the radio but it started to crackle.

23. Crash

a car crashing into a tree

: used to represent the loud noise of two vehicles or heavy objects hitting each other and causing damage

Example sentence The huge waves crashed against the small boat.

24. Creak

a man sitting on a rocking chair

: used to represent a harsh, high-pitched or squeaking noise often coming from rusty hinges or wood-made stuff under pressure or being moved.  

Example sentence Emilia got really scared when she heard her grandmother’s rocking chair creaking at midnight, but then she saw her cat sleeping on it. 

25. Crunch

a girl eating cookies

: used to represent the sound of chewing hard food or if something is being pressed or crushed

Example sentence As she walked, she heard her footsteps crunching dried leaves.  

26. Ding

someone pressing a desk bell

: used to represent a short ringing sound or a bell sound.

Example sentence She dinged the bell on the desk twice but no one showed up.

27. Ding-Dong

: used to represent the sound of a bell

Example sentence Ding-dong, she rang the doorbell, but no one answered. 

28. Drip

water leaking from a tap drop by drop

: use to represent the sound of liquid falling in drops

Example sentence The drip of rain on the roof was so calming.

29. Eek

a man with a scared face

: used to represent a scream

Example sentence Eek!, a screaming noise came from inside the house.

30. Fizz

a glass filled with fizzy lemonade drink

: used to represent a hissing sound coming from tiny gas bubbles popping.

Example sentenceShe welcomed us with fizzy lemonade.

31. Flutter

two banana trees

: used to represent a quick up and down or irregular movement

Example sentence The leaves of the banana tree were fluttering in the wind.

32. Groan

an old man groaning with pain in her knee

: used to represent a deep, long sound or moan expressing pain, or grief

Example sentenceThe wounded soldier was groaning in pain.

33. Grunt

a boy grunting in anger

: used to represent a low rough sound, often someone makes when annoyed or angry

Example sentence She just grunted and rejected his proposal for dinner.

34. Growl

a cat growling

: used to represent a low noise made by animals in their throat, usually when they are angry

Example sentenceThe dog was barking and growling at the stranger.

35. Giggle

a girl giggling

: used to represent a quiet silly laugh 

Example sentence She started giggling in front of her professor.

36. Howl

a wolf howling

: used to represent a long, loud crying sound made by a dog or wolf; to cry out loudly in anger, pain, amusement etc.

Example sentenceHer pet dog suddenly started howling at midnight.

37. Hush

: used to tell someone to be quiet; a sudden calm silence

Example sentence Hush! You will wake grandpa.

38. Jingle

a toy

: used to represent a tinkling sound made by metal pieces shaken or striking together.

Example sentence When little Clara heard the jingle of coins in her brother’s pocket, she understood that he was the one who stole the money from her piggy bank. 

39. Jangle

: used to represent a harsh metallic sound made by metal pieces hitting each other.

Example sentenceThe keys jangled in his pocket as walked down the stairs.

40. Meow

a cat meowing

: used to represent the sound a cat makes.

Example sentence She heard a meowing, and soon saw a cat coming out of her kitchen.

41. Moan

a girl moaning with pain in her fingers

: used to represent a long, low sound made by a person in physical pain, or mental suffering 

Example sentence He moaned with pain when he suddenly fell from the stairs.

42. Moo

a cow mooing

: used to represent a sound a cow makes.

Example sentence As close as you reach her farm, you will start hearing the mooing of many cows.

43. Murmur

two women talking

: used to represent someone saying or speaking something very quietly

Example sentence ‘’Thanks for the help’’, she murmured

44. Mumble

a man and a woman talking

: to speak quietly in an unclear way, making it hard for others to understand.

Example sentence Grandpa mumbled something and then left the house.

45. Neigh

a horse making noise

: to represent a sound made by a horse.

Example sentence The horse gave a loud neigh, and then started running around the farm.

46. Oink

a pig

: used to represent a noise made by a pig

Example sentence The farm pig just came close to me and oinked.

47. Ow

a girl suffering from an intense pain in her heel

: used to represent an expression of intense or sudden pain.

Example sentence Ow! You threw the ball so hard at me.

48. Pitter-Patter

a girl walking

: used to represent a series of light tapping, or beating sounds; as of raindrops or footsteps sound

Example sentence His feet pitter-pattered down the hall. 

49. Poof

: used to represent or show a sudden disappearance.

Example sentence Poof! The magician made the girl disappear.

50. Pop

some balloons popping

: used to represent a short sharp or explosive sound; or to burst open with such a sound

Example sentenceAll the balloons popped just after inflating.

51. Pow

: used to represent a loud noise as of a gun being fired or of an explosion

Example sentencePow! The soldier shot down the unknown drone flying around him.

52. Ping

: used to represent a short, sharp, high-pitched resonant sound

Example sentence He pinged the bell, and soon a butler came for her.

53. Plop

a fish diving in water

: used to represent the sound of something falling or dropped into water

Example sentence The fish dived into the river with a plop.

54. Purr

a girl with her cat

: used to represent a low vibrating sound made by a contented cat.

Example sentence–  Her cat started purring in my lap.

55. Roar

a lion

: used to represent a long, loud noise.

Example sentence The river roared down the valley.

56. Rumble

a thundering cloud

: used to represent a continuous low sound.

Example sentence Thunder rumbled the whole night before the heavy rainfall started.

57. Rustle

some fallen dried leaves

: used to represent a dry cracking sound often of movement of dry leaves

Example sentence The palm tree leaves rustled in the summer wind.

58. Shhh

a boy with his index finger on his lips

: used to represent the sound of silencing someone

Example sentence Shh! You will wake him up.

59. Screech

a girl screaming

: used to represent a loud, harsh, piercing sound.

Example sentence She screeched when a mouse bounced on her.

60. Shush

a girl and her rabbit

: used to tell someone to be quiet

Example sentence Shush! You are in the library.

61. Sizzle

a women cooking

: used to represent a hissing sound as of frying, cooking or burning 

Example sentence The sun was sizzling the desert land.

62. Slurp

a girl eating noodles

: to make a sucking noise while eating or drinking.

Example sentence He was slurping a coffee drink. 

63. Smash

a broken television

: used to represent the sound of a violent impact, something breaking or shattering. 

Example sentence The ball smashed his car window.

64. Snore

a man sleeping on his sofa

: to breathe noisily during sleep

Example sentence Grandpa’s loud snoring kept me awake the whole night.

65. Sniff

a girl holding a smelling sock

: used to represent the sound of someone smelling something by breathing air through the nose.

Example sentenceHer dog started sniffing my shoes.

66. Squish

a squished tomato

: used to represent the sound of crushing something soft.

Example sentenceShe could hear the squish of her wet shoes while walking.

67. Splash

a dolphin diving in water

: used to represent the sound of something striking or falling into liquid causing it to spatter. 

Example sentence I heard a splash and then saw my pet dog had jumped into the swimming pool.

68. Splat

: used to represent the sound of something wet hitting a surface.

Example sentenceThe eggs fall on the ground with a splat.

69. Swoosh

a football

: used to represent a sound produced by a sudden rush of air or liquid

Example sentence He kicked the ball and it swooshed past my head.

70. Squeak

a man walking with a shopping cart

: used to represent a sound made by rats or mice, also by objects like shoes, doors or wheels 

Example sentenceHer new boots squeaked as she walked.

71. Thump

a fist

: used to represent a sound made by one’s hitting someone or something with a fist

Example sentence He heard a loud thump on the door at night. 

72. Thud

: used to represent a sound made by something heavy falls or hit something

Example sentenceThe book fell on the desk with a thud.

73. Tick-Tock/tick

a clock

: used to represent the ticking sound of a clock.

Example sentence He heard the tick-tock/ticking of the cloak and suddenly remembered that he was getting late for the movie.

74. Twang

a girl playing guitar

: used to represent a vibrating sound made by plucking a string

Example sentence He was just twanging the guitar and not playing anything musical.

75. Ugh

a girl making faces

: used to represent the sound someone makes when they think something is disgusting, unpleasant or annoying

Example sentenceUgh! Her room smells so bad. 

76. Whisper

: used to represent a soft and quiet sound of someone saying something using their breath but not their voice.

Example sentence‘’Thank you for your support’’, she whispered.

77. Whimper

: used to represent the sound of a soft or weak cry expressing fear or pain

Example sentenceThe child started whimpering at night.

78. Whoop

: used to represent a loud noise someone makes when expressing joy, excitement or enjoyment

Example sentenceThe class was whooping and clapping for her.

79. Woof

a dog barking

: used to represent the barking sound made by a dog.

Example sentenceWhen she heard the woofing of her pet dog, she knew that she had found it. 

80. Yikes

: used to express fear, surprise, and shock.

Example sentence Yikes! The deadline for the project has been changed to just two days.

81. Yuck

: used to represent an expression of distaste or disgust

Example sentence Yuck, It’s spinach and cabbage soup again.

82. Zing

: used to represent the sound of someone or something moving rapidly and making a high-pitched buzzing sound.

Example sentence- The car zinged past him.

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