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Positive Tone words are used by the writers to describe something in a positive attitude in a story. These words also helps a writer to evoke positive emotions like happiness, hope, optimism in their readers mind where it needed to be evoked while reading the story.

A write also uses positive tone words to create a positive atmosphere, tone or mood in a conversation, or piece of writing in a story.

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Below is the list of positive tone words with meanings and general sentence examples included for easily understanding of each tone word.

List of Positive Tone Words (With Examples)

1. Admiring

: liking; respecting someone, or something

Example- He was merely admiring the new neighbor.

2. Adoring

: loving and admiring someone very much

Example- She gave an adoring smile to the helpful stranger.

3. Affable

: friendly, and good-natured

Example- Her new boss was extremely affable.

4. Amused

: pleasantly entertained, diverted, or pleased

Example- She got totally amused by his singing.

5. Animated

: someone full of life or excitement; spirited, lively, vibrant

Example- Rachel’s presence animated the party.

6. Appreciative

: having or showing appreciation, gratitude, or pleasure

Example- The concert was filled with an appreciative audience.

7. Ardent

: very enthusiastic, or passionate

Example- Rick used to be an ardent supporter of the party, but now he is not.

8. Assertive

: behaving confidently, firm to once opinion, or belief

Example- You will have to be assertive to win the election.

9. Awestruck

: filled with awe, amazed, or impressed

Example- She looked at him awestruck, at their first meeting.

10. Benevolent

: kind, generous; well-meaning

Example- A benevolent man helped a poor family in need.

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11. Bold

: daring, courageous, or fearless

Example- The troop needed to act bold on the risky mission.

12. Candid

: honest, truthful,or straightforward

Example- Tom was completely candid at his office meeting.

13. Celebratory

: expressing praise, honor, or happiness; celebrating something important

Example- At night we all had a celebratory dinner.

14. Cheerful

: happy and positive in feeling, behavior, or appearance.

Example- Emma always has a cheerful face.

15. Comic

: humorous, entertaining, or amusing

Example- His new novel is a comic tragedy.

16. Compassionate

: showing or having concern and sympathy for the other

Example- Adam was truly compassionate and caring.

17. Conciliatory

: willing to end a disagreement with someone, intended or likely to pacify

Example- The delegations showed a conciliatory approach at the meeting.

18. Contented

: feeling or showing happiness or satisfaction

Example- For the first time in his life, Edward was in a contented space.

19. Dignified

: someone serious, calm, controlled, impressive and therefore deserves respect

Example- He was the only dignified man in the whole office.

20. Earnest

: serious and determined; sincere; showing the depth of feelings

Example- Alan is a great teacher and an earnest man.

21. Ebullient

: high-spirited, excited, bubbly, elated, or enthusiastic

Example- After receiving the award the winner got very ebullient.

22. Elated

: extremely happy or excited after an achievement or an event.

Example- Sam was elated after the birth of his first child.

23. Elevated

: high-minded, high, lofty, raised up; exhilarated in mood or feeling.

Example- His thoughts were elevated after joining the N.G.O.

24. Eloquent

: well expressed writing or speech that persuades people; effective, fluent, persuasive, or clearly expressed

Example- He gave a very eloquent reason for his resignation from the company.

25. Empathetic

: ability to understand and share feelings or emotions of others

Example- Everyone needs a kind and empathetic friend in life.

26. Enchant

: to please, to delight, fascinate, or charm

Example- Everyone was truly enchanted by her appearance at the party.

27. Encouraging

: giving confidence or hope; promising

Example- It is very encouraging that more people are joining our cause.

28. Endearing

: making someone like you; evoking affection, or admiration

Example- She has a great endearing personality.

29. Enthusiastic

: having or showing intense interest in something; keen, eager, or ardent

Example- Tom was very enthusiastic about making a tree-house with his dad.

30. Excited

: having or showing higher state of energy, or enthusiasm; feeling very happy

Example- She was very excited about her eighteenth birthday.

31. Exhilarated

: very happy and excited

Example- Adam felt strangely exhilarated on his first day at the job.

32. Frank

: honest, sincere, direct, and telling the truth, while having the risk of causing bad feelings

Example- To be frank, I don’t think you will pass the test.

33. Gentle

: kind, calm, mild, soft; not severe, strong, or violent; moderate

Example- Our new teacher’s voice is very gentle.

34. Humble

: not proud, arrogant, or haughty; down-to-earth, modest, poor, low in rank or position

Example- Though he is a successful businessman and billionaire, he is a very humble man.

35. Humorous

: funny, comical, laughable, or amusing

Example- The writer is famous for his humorous and heart-touching stories. 

36. Hilarious

: extremely funny and causing great laughter; extremely amusing; jovial

Example- It was the most hilarious and embarrassing moment of her life when she fell on her wedding cake.

37. Inspirational

: giving inspiration, hope, or encouragement

Example- His all short stories are truly inspirational and amusing. 

38. Joyful

: having or showing great pleasure and happiness; pleasing, satisfying, or delighted

Example- Everyone at the party was joyful after watching the host playing his piano.

39. Laudatory

: expressing praise or admiration for someone.

Example- Her performance received mostly laudatory comments.

40. Lighthearted

: amusing and entertaining; free from care, or seriousness; carefree, cheerful, and happy

Example- The latest movie is a lighthearted romantic comedy.

41. Lively

: cheerful, enthusiastic, full of energy, or active

Example- She met some great lively people at the park today.

42. Loving

: feeling or expressing love; affectionate, adoring, fond, kind, warm, caring, tender

Example- She found her loving life partner on her trip to Ibiza. 

43. Merry

: cheerful and lively; high-spirited, happy, or festively joyous

Example- It was the month of merry holiday time.

44. Modest

: having or showing a moderate or humble estimate on one’s abilities, worth or achievements

Example- He is a very modest man, who also encourages his colleagues and helps them when needed.

45. Objective

: goal, purpose, aim, or intention

Example- The politician’s good objective got changed after winning the elections.

46. Optimistic

: hopeful about the future, feeling or showing hope that good things will happen in the future

Example- He was very optimistic about his chances of getting selected in NASA.

47. Philosophical

: having or showing a calm attitude towards disappointments or difficulties

Example- John has seen so much in life that now he stays philosophical at all worst situations.

48. Playful

: full of fun, humor, friendly, or cheerful

Example- Babies playful mood can can in an instant.

49. Pragmatic

: dealing with something in a practical way rather than following theoretical approach, fixed ideas, or rules

Example- He took a pragmatic approach to learn the new language.

50. Reverent

: showing great respect and admiration; respectful

Example- Peter received a reverent welcome in the office.

51. Reassuring

: making you feel less worried; comforting

Example- Her reassuring smile, put him at ease.

52. Reflective

: thinking deeply, carefully and quietly; thoughtful

Example- Her poetry needs reflective reading.

53. Relaxed

: calm, happy and not worried or tense 

Example- He talked in a very relaxed tone.

54. Respectful

: showing respect for someone

Example- She is always respectful to her teachers.

55. Righteous

: morally correct, good or justifiable

Example- He’s been a righteous person throughout his life.

56. Romantic

: idealistic, fanciful, unrealistic, or imaginary

Example- He came up with a romantic idea.

57. Sanguine

: confidently optimistic; cheerful; assured

Example- Chris is totally sanguine about Emily’s acceptance of his love proposal.

58. Sincere

: honest, real, true, or genuine; not lying or pretending

Example- She just asked him for a sincere apology.

59. Stately

: impressive, grand, dignified, elegant, or majestic

Example- They build a stately statue of the legend.

60. Sympathetic

: understanding others feelings when they are facing a bad situation; caring, kind, concerned, or understanding

Example- He thought that she likes her, but it turns out she was just sympathetic to him.

61. Tender

: gentle, soft, delicate, loving, or showing care

Example- She always talks in a tender and sweet voice with everyone.

Example- Adam always has a thoughtful expression on her face.

62. Tolerant

: open-minded, understanding, broad-minded; open to accept beliefs and behaviors that are different to oneself.

Example- He needed to be tolerant of the point of view of the other team members.

63. Tranquil

: calm and peaceful; free from disturbance, noise, violence, worry; serene, or quiet

Example- She could not have picked a better tranquil spot than her scuba diving instructor job.

64. Unassuming

: modest, quiet, humble, meek, or unpretentious

Example- Earlier, he was an unassuming man, but nowadays he has completely changed.

65. Vibrant

: full of energy, life, and enthusiasm

Example-  She has got a vibrant voice and a great personality.

66. Virtuous

: having or showing good moral qualities and behavior; morally excellent

Example- He is the most honest and virtuous politician.

67. Witty

: using words in a clever and amusing way often quickly; clever humor, smartly jocular

Example- He has written a witty novel describing the relationship of a man and women.

68. Wonder

: amazement, awe, surprise, curiosity, miracle, admiration

Example- It’s a wonder that the amateur team made it to the top of the mountain.

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