101 Interesting Topics to Write About

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Writing is easy when you already know what you have to write about. But when you hit a creative block you need an idea or inspiration to move forward and begin writing.

Get inspired with our list of 101 interesting writing topics and prompts to get started right now.

101 Interesting Topics to Write About

1. A dream you saw that you wanted to be the reality.

2. Are you an overthinker? If yes explain how much it affects your life.

3. A life choice that you regret the most?

4. What career choice do you find most suitable for you apart from your current one?

5. A moment in your life that you would like to see from a third-person point of view.

6. How would you live your life, if you don’t need to sleep?

7. What will be the main reason for someone liking you?

8. Do you like your voice?

9. If you were a cat, what activity would you do in your home?

10. What memory of your life you would like to remember but find it hard to do so?

11. What is the most interesting part of your life according to you?

12. What is something you have that is priceless for you?

13. Someone apart from your family that holds a special place in your heart?

14. What is the most embarrassing memory of your life, if any?

15. A topic that you can talk about or listen to for hours.

16. What makes you special or different from the rest of the world?

17. Write about a childhood lesson or memory that shaped your life.

18. Write about a personal challenge that you overcome.

19. Write about your role models and how they impacted your life.

20. A life lesson that you learned from your self experience.

21. If you can go back in time to revert a mistake. Write about that.

22. Write about your ancestors.

23. How your inner voice impacts your daily life.

24. How do you deal with procrastination?

25. How much do you believe in fate or destiny?

26. The role of your siblings in your life.

27. What was the turning point of your life, so far?

28. The impact of your locality on you while you were growing up.

29. Any unusual profession that interests you.

30. Write about a country except yours that fascinates you the most.

31. How do you see the universe?

32. The value of friendships in your life.

33. An accomplishment of your life you’re very proud of?

34. How do you perceive yourself?

35. How much do you care about what others think of you?

36. Describe someone’s facial features whom you find attractive.

37. How do you handle criticism?

38. What kind of kid were you while growing up?

39. What’s your favorite sea creature?

40. What’s something about the universe that blows your mind?

41. Are you scared of anything?

42. Write about an incident that you can’t tell your parents.

43. Write about something weird that happened to you.

44. How pets make your life better.

45. Write about your culture and traditions.

46. What if your house mirrors could talk, what they would say to you?

47. A memorable moment with your grandparents.

48. A social issue that interests you the most.

49. Describe your daily life routine.

50. Imagine an imaginary island, fill it with animals, colors, and things of your choice.

51. Write about the people around you, whom you find interesting and worth describing.

52. Describe your connections with rural life.

53. Describe separately, what kind of bond you share with your father and your mother.

54. Describe how your mother treats you compared with your father.

55. Describe how the relationship between you and your parents evolved with time.

56. Describe how much you care about your body and appearance.

57. Write about the struggles in your life.

58. The influence of your elders in your life.

59. What color are your eyes, hair, and skin?

60. Do you have perfect teeth, write about that.

61. What do you do to stay healthy? Write about your health routine.

62. What keeps you motivated every day or in tough times?

63. Write about how you show your gratitude to others.

64. Your favorite indoor game that you used to play with your friends or family when you were a kid.

65. Write about your family traditions that you enjoy doing.

66. Describe a moment when you were severely homesick.

67. Write about a moment when you were adjusting to a new surrounding.

68. Write about a book, movie, or a character that touched your heart.

69. Write about a talent or skill that you have.

70. Write about a moment that restored your faith in humanity.

71. An experience that brought a change in your worldview.

72. A foreign language that you would like to learn.

73. Describe the kind of people that annoy you the most.

74. Write about a science or technology advancement that you find fascinating.

75. Write about a futuristic idea that you find intriguing.

76. Write about a unique or specific thing found in your area or region.

77. Write about the history of a popular religious place (like a church, temple, mosque, etc) in your region.

78. Write about your values and beliefs.

79. Write about what you want out of your life.

80. Write about what kind of lifestyle you seek.

81. How do you spend your money?

82. Write about your favorite playing spot, playground, or place in childhood.

83. Write about how your birthdays were celebrated in childhood.

84. Write about your thoughts on this quote “Ignorance is bliss”.

85. If you can remember, write about one of your “deja vu” experiences.

86. Write about your favorite season of the year and an interesting memory associated with it.

87. Write about what change you would like to bring to society today.

88. Write about the history of a historical place in your area or region.

89. Make up an interesting mysterious story about you and your sibling solving the mystery of the disappearance of your neighbors.

90. Write about what you would do if you had control over climate or seasons.

91. Write about how your parents or family members feel about your profession or choice of career.

92. Write about a good habit that you have developed by yourself.

93. If you were famous for one thing what would it be?

94. Why would or wouldn’t you want to be famous?

95. A show or a game that you can watch your whole day.

96. Write about something you are really bad at.

97. Write about what you daydream about.

98. Write about something that you wish never existed in real life.

99. Write about something that you got as a kid or teenager that made you very happy.

100. Write about any superstitions you follow.

101. Write about your thoughts or perspective on the meaning of life.

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About the Author- Neel Rana is a young adult fiction writer and children’s book author. He is a literary enthusiast and the founder of Pandora Post. Neel holds a degree in BA Honors in English Literature and has been writing since 2017. His magnum opus YA short storybook, “The Drunken Ghost” has been well received by the readers.